5 Things We Are Waiting To Buy

Humans are funny creatures. We spend weeks getting hyped about something and lose sleep wondering when the delivery will arrive. Yet although we jump around in excitement when the package comes, we are prone to forget about it just a few weeks later. The days following the holidays don’t have the same nostalgic twinge as the days leading up. We relish the countdown, that interminable wait.

I wrote this post in recognition that sometimes the anticipation of having is better than the actual thing itself. Mr. Mechanic and I dream about certain upgrades that are incompatible with our current lifestyle. But hey, the wait makes it worth it!

Here are five things we are waiting on.


adorable animal blur border collie
The future Mutt Mechanic?

We are pet people. The types whose voices change when talking to a dog, get on our knees to play, and obediently scratch bellies. We walk to the dog park every day to argue over which dog we would hypothetically adopt and I even signed up to be a local dog walker.

So why don’t we have a dog?

Well for one thing, Mr. Mechanic and I are out of the house over eight hours a day. That does not seem fair to a potential pup. I travel a lot, including 6 months just this past year in the UK, and Mr. Mechanic often works overtime.  We want to be there for our pets as much as possible. The nail in the coffin is our current apartment that won’t allow dogs. In a weak moment we pled our case and they said ‘definitely not,’ which is probably the best for all the aforementioned reasons. So, we wait and look forward to a furry friend– eventually.


multicolored abstract painting

I want big, statement art pieces. The kind that take up an entire wall. Our bedroom wall currently has a budget version: a collection of free ski maps I’ve collected at each mountain I’ve skied, placed in cheap Ikea frames. They look alright and would go well in our office, but I crave a giant canvas with bold, striking colors.

You would think that DIY-ing would make this much cheaper, but I have looked into the prices of larger canvases, and they run over $500. Eventually we could do that, but it does not seem very prudent with a big move coming up next year when it could be damaged.  Plus we don’t have the space for a masterpiece… yet.

Quality Kitchenware

food egg kitchen cooking

As soon as we started asking for appliances for Christmas I realized we had barreled straight into adulthood. When did that happen?! And what has happened to us that one of the things on this list is quality kitchenware?

We look forward to everything having its place. Nesting pots and pans. An actual electric whisk (we use muscle power these days), a pressure cooker, and knives with razor sharp edges. Our current set up is not terrible, if slightly mismatched. There is no rush to replace our hand-me-downs or upgrade for a while, but we can look forward to the purchase of quality gear since we spend so much time cooking.

Natural Light


It is a true shame that we have not figured out a way to bottle up sunshine and use it in our dark dwellings. Winters of grey, dreary Portland make me want to make like a bird and fly south. Okay, so we might not be able to purchase bottles of sunshine, but wherever we end up living next year, I hope we can find a place that gets lots of natural light. If we can’t, then we’ll need to supplement with big lamps. I might even go out on a limb and invest in voice activated switches so we don’t have the excuse of being too lazy to turn them all off and on as we come and go.


photo of man standing surrounded by green leaf plants

Tomatoes. Lettuce. Peppers. We dream of a big garden, and eating home grown food. Currently, we have a mini-garden on our porch of green onions, basil, and parsley, but since we have no yard to speak of, there is not that much room.  Though gardens aren’t a particularly huge financial undertaking, there is a lot that goes into it. I imagine that building the vegetable beds, getting some starter plants, and setting up the sprinkler system will be a solid investment. And one we are excited to make!

Those are our top five things we are looking forward too. No fancy cars or anything that would inflate our lifestyle. In fact, we are pretty happy with our set-up now, but it can be fun to think about taking the dog out to the local hiking trails and frying up a stir-fry from the vegetables we plucked that morning.

What about you?

What are you waiting to buy? When has the wait been better than the actual thing? Share your experience in the comments below!

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  1. I feel ya on wanting a dog. We really want a pug but don’t want the commitment it takes to properly care for a dog right now.

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