When Self-Care Gets In The Way

I used to have acne. Not just your typical teenage smattering of spots, but a full-blown pimple parade marching across my forehead, nose, and chin. When my birthdays ticked over from teens to twenties, the battle began in earnest. I tried everything—salicylic acid, oils and washes, and benzoyl peroxide that left my pillowcases and towels […]

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I Am Not A Generous Person (and The Case Against A Donor Advised Fund)

My sister is extremely generous. As a kid, she delighted in pretending to take the family’s orders one-by-one, then carefully carrying out miscellaneous items from the kitchen meant to represent our hamburgers (me), filet mignon (dad), and lobster a la carte (mom). Every gift she gives is carefully considered and tailored to the recipient. Once, […]

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You Are The Chicken And The Egg–  6 Steps to Crack Success

six white eggs and one brown

So, you want to be successful. In a world of clamoring start-ups, tech disruption, and billion dollar innovations, you want to stand out from the rest. Everyone wants the secret sauce. Businesses hire consultants to tease out their target market, massage their mission statement, and hone their strategy. Individuals break open monosyllabic books like Grit, […]

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