September 2018 Expense Report

I didn’t spend too much time at home this month. I converted from hourly to salary at my new job so I flew down to California to go to orientation. I flew out early in order to take advantage of the weekend and crashed at a family’s place in San Francisco.


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20180901_131530 (1)
My snuggle buddy for the weekend

Their cat cuddled with me while I wrote about 3 steps to decide where to live and my top four most regrettable purchases. We went on a few hikes and they showed me around the city. The food was incredible; I got some mouth-watering pho at a local farmer’s market, and for dinner we made homemade poke bowls.

After work I met up with an old friend from high school and we caught up while picking up a local Wag! walk.

The next weekend was Mr. Mechanic’s birthday celebration. Inspired by Mad Fientist’s podcast where he talks about how his wife Jill bought him and his brother onesies, I got Mr. Mechanic a black, medium, full-sized adult onesie, with footsies!

Screen Shot 2018-10-03 at 6.52.33 PM.png

Onesies changed everything?! They changed his brother’s life?! How many things can you say that about? If the amount of enjoyment is as priceless as he gushes, this is a train I would like to hop on– or rather get a ticket for Mr. Mechanic (happy birthday, dear). Since the winter is coming, maybe we can keep our heating costs down. Also I am secretly excited for getting a matching onesie for Saturday lounging.

A huge to-do this month was the week Mr. Mechanic had off from school. As this so rarely happens, we decided to do something big. He wanted to drive to Glacier National Park. I wanted to go to a beach at Hawai’i. We compromised on a 5 day (really 7 days if you count the two nights sleeping in the car) Powell River Canoeing adventure in Canada.

Without further ado, here are September’s expenses. This is just my portion of the expenses.

ItemAmountMechanic Musings
Travel$320Overall cost of our trip, including meals, canoe rental, and souvenirs (we got pure Canadian maple syrup from the grocery store). This is the cost of my half of the trip.
Fuel$87We drove to Canada and back.
Groceries$84I included the cost of food shopping for backpacking in the total of the trip (~$83) so the rest is restocking when we came home. It makes sense to be low because on my business trip my work expensed my meals.
Restaurants$40I went out to lunch with a former coworker, Mr. Mechanic and I got Subway on our 10 hour drive to Canada, and I got pho and spring rolls at the San Francisco farmer’s market. We ate out while on our trip but I lumped it in with the trip expenses (~$50)
Cell phone$36Hopefully will be the last month for this expense.
Gifts$60Family hosted me in San Francisco so I made sure to bring a token of my appreciation. Also got Mr. Mechanic a onesie!
Amazon$23Stocking up on my guilty pleasure sunscreen: Biore Watery Essense Gel. While most likely not the most economical option, as something I wear daily I prefer this sunscreen. It isn’t greasy or smelly like other sunscreens, and I bought two to bring the price down a tad.



I think the week of work-expensed travel in California balanced out the expenses of our Canadian vacation, bringing me to a pretty average month of expenses.
My fresh farmer’s market pho


How were your September expenses? Have you invested in a onesie yet? Leave a comment below!

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  1. I have no idea what my September expenses were yet since my itemized visa bill doesn’t arrive until the end of October. However, I am interested to see how it compares to yours and to see who “wins”!!

  2. Woah, I wish all of my expenses were as low as yours! I had to pay for college so that alone was more than your total ?

    Here’s to hoping October is cheaper on me lol

    1. Aren’t your expenses for two people? When I checked your networth report it seemed like you were killing it!

      1. Yeah, my wife and I keep all of our finances combined. Maybe I just don’t feel like we’re being as frugal as we could be. Still though, your expenses are low even for one person!

    1. Good question. Utilities are a lump sum that I include in the month that I pay them, I’m actually trying to change it so I see the monthly bill so I can track it better. I don’t pay for internet, there is a public hotspot we connect to nearby. Perks of being in an apartment with thin walls.

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