The Sunday Sharies: Volume 28

Sunday Scaries (n): The Sunday evening dread that creeps in when anticipating work in the morning.

Shut down Sunday Scaries with this series: Sunday Sharies! These are the articles, links, and content I’ve read this week that I think are worth sharing.

FIRE Articles

Our 2020 Finances (Millennial Revolution)

If I can’t use geographic arbitrage, maybe I can use local arbitrage. And by that I meant moving to an inexpensive city in your home country, with the savings from your higher salary in a big city. Since we were no longer tied to jobs in a big expensive city, we could live in a small town that’s still within driving distance to our parents.

Turns out, we didn’t even need to do that. To our endless surprise, during a pandemic the best value ended up being found not in the suburbs, but smack dab in the middle of the downtown core!

2020 Year End Review (Nomad Numbers)

We stayed in a gorgeous 2BR villa nested in the balinese jungle, about an hour walk away from the busy downtown area of Ubud. It was the perfect way to isolate ourselves from the crowd, which turned out to be a blessing in disguise when COVID became real. 

5 Numbers I’m Proud of From 2020 (She Picks Up Pennies)

While I know this number may look high to some people, we do buy gifts for over a dozen people and we also include special holiday giving in our Christmas budget.

That’s why one of the first things I did when the calendar flipped to 2021 was to create a savings account specific to Christmas 2021. We want to spend in ways that matter to us (shop small!) on people we love without regret…or debt.

2020: Learning that Financial Freedom is Incremental (The Fioneers)

Last year we were about 8.5-10 years away to FI. Now, we are 6-7.5 years away from FI. This is exciting not only because we are moving in the right direction, but also because the pace is picking up.

How’s that for irony? With our intentional shifts to slow down, our pace at which we are reaching FI is actually increasing.


How to Make Friends As An Adult (Raptitude)

I call this act the Small Leap. It’s so simple, but it’s all you need to grow a few friends from a batch of acquaintances. It is a leap, because there’s some uncertainty involved. But it is also small. Leaping over a puddle small. Getting a cookbook down from the top shelf small.

What do you think?

Let me know what you found interesting in the comments below!

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