August 2018 Expense Report

Despite smoke haze, August has been a great month for us. We spent weekends with family, hanging out at the lake, going to concerts on the green, and threw in a few days in Denver as well. The general trend of this month was frugality by generosity of our respective families. We are very grateful for their willingness to cover meals and events, though it is starting to be time where we pitch in for these types of things!

This month we wanted to track if our meal planning was effective at cutting down our grocery bill. So far so good, but lots of food costs were covered by family this month, so we will have to keep track.

We also saved by cutting my hair, therefore cutting out the $30 I normally spend on a haircut. We gave Mr. Mechanic a trim as well, so we saved about $45. It turned out great for both of us so I think it will be a trend we continue.

Concert on the green

Our concert tickets were kindly covered by family for a birthday gift to Mr. Mechanic. We went to see a skilled quintet of musicians called the Punch Brothers and got admission to the local zoo all in one ticket, score!

We also went to the Portland Art Museum twice for the first time since we moved here. Once for an exhibit on classic cars and the second time to check out a free screening. We missed the screening but had free admission to browse anyway.

Item Amount Mechanic Musings
Rent $930
Settling-up $244 The last of the settling up. We now have a joint credit card we will be using for joint expenses.
Healthcare $144 A couple visits to the eye-doctor, a couple bottles of treatment, pink-eye ended up costing me $418 in total, $144 of which just this month for two doctor visits where he told me to just wait it out.
Groceries $33 We made huge batches of food following our meal plan. Some food was picked up by parents on our visits, so my bill is abnormally low this month.
Restaurants $54 We were taken out to eat a lot this month by our respective families. We covered one meal with each. One day I forgot my lunch at home, so I split a Chipotle burrito with a fellow frugal coworker. I also went for coffee with a friend.
Cellphone $35 I am hoping to cut this down next month by combining personal phone and work phone. It seems like this is allowed by the company, the only downside is that I would give up my phone number. Worth it for the savings!
 Hobby  $1.25  Bought card stock and envelopes so we can make our own cards for Thank Yous and Birthdays
Total $1,441

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