October 2018 Expense Report

Was it just me or did October disappear in the blink of an eye? We filled our October weeks with lots of walks to appreciate the autumn colors, but besides those, we have been full-on charging ahead with daily life.

Mr. Mechanic has started interviewing for residency at hospitals across the nation and I have been booking business trips and writing a lot. In addition to all of that, one of our family members had a SURPRISE WEDDING this month in an engagement party turned impromptu vows, so that was exciting.

I kept track of one week of October in a money diary type post, so if you are interested in reading more in depth about a week of my life living in Portland, OR, definitely check that out. Another fun thing was a tweet of mine was featured on a news syndicate called the Skimm. Thousands liked the tweet and the blog views spiked to nearly 2k views!

A note on reading these expense reports: sometimes I pay in one lump sum for common things spread out over a few months. For example, when I used to pay car insurance I would pay for the full six months in advance in order to save. You will see in this expense report that I paid for utilities for the last few months. For simplicity (and accuracy) I put all expenses in the month that they are paid.

Without further ado, here is the expense report for October!

ItemAmountMechanic Musings
Utilities$95We are still working on a system for bill splitting. We signed up for a credit card so most shared payments go through that, but utilities go through a bank account. We both tend to forget about it and settle up every so often. Utilities are generally $24 a month each, so this is the bill from July-October.



homemade meatball sub

In my money diary I wrote that $58 was the price of our groceries for the month… boy was I wrong. We ended up going shopping a few more times. We went to the local Asian mart, Uwajimaya, to stock up on rice and other ingredients. Next month should be lighter on groceries since we are both traveling a lot.

Cell phone$36I got a phone paid for by work so this is the last month paying for this! It might be a bit of a pain at first to change numbers but so far so good.
Restaurants$32We went out three times—twice with Mr. Mechanic’s siblings to local breweries and the third time on an impromptu date night to have some Pho.
Personal Care$17Shampoo, toilet paper, etc. The shampoo came leaking everywhere so Amazon sent a new bottle for free, thanks Amazon!
Total$1,323Not bad at all!
We made some homemade poke bowls– ahi tuna, zucchini (we thought it was a cucumber okay?), avocado, rice, and ponzu sauce.

How were your October expenses? How did Halloween affect your budget? Leave a comment below!

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    1. To be fair, you do have a family and this is just me 🙂 I love when people share their expenses because it’s the first time I actually had something to gauge my own spending against! Hard to get better without a realistic aspiration.

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