Money Diary: A Week in Portland, OR

When Refine My Money told me about her series on money diaries in different major cities, it sounded like a fantastic idea. She then asked me to write one up for her and I was in! I had seen other people keep money diaries but was never organized enough to do it. It is definitely an exercise– meticulously tracking my money is not my thing. However, I made an effort to track my days and my spending in order to show what a week of mine living in Portland looks like. I thought it would be uninteresting since I’m generally pretty frugal– but there were some fun surprises!

Please head over to my post on Refine My Money to check it out, and let us know what you think! She also has other posts from Austin, TX, and personal money diaries from her different trips.

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  1. It is always interesting to see what people buy so thank you for posting your money diary. It is like peeking into the cart of the person in front of you in line at the grocery store: We did that literally today at Sprouts. The guy had tumeric milk (didn’t know there was such a thing but sounds like a health fad) for $4.99, some flowers for $5.99 and special chocolate for $2.99. We bought tomatoes for $0.89, almonds on sale at $2.99 a pound and that was all. Anyway, the week also included some big ticket as well as some eclectic items; a garage roof for $2000, a router for $200 so we don’t have to pay $14 a month to Comcast, then there was my Bollywood class for $15, a scary cookie at the work bake sale for $4 and then $15 for wool to crochet Colorado headbands to sell to raise money for refugees and to make a Halloween wig for hubbie. Then because I am the fixitlady I bought a lift strut at Autozone, a gas line to attach the propane to the stove of my trailer, a clamping ring to fix the fan, and finally some Henry’s roof cement because the guys missed a spot.

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