When Self-Care Gets In The Way

I used to have acne. Not just your typical teenage smattering of spots, but a full-blown pimple parade marching across my forehead, nose, and chin. When my birthdays ticked over from teens to twenties, the battle began in earnest. I tried everything—salicylic acid, oils and washes, and benzoyl peroxide that left my pillowcases and towels […]

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Shit Finance Nerds Say

I just got back from a conference for finance content creators (bloggers, podcasters, youtubers, etc). What a bunch of nerds! I was walking with my friends Zach (Four Pillar Freedom) and Becky (TwentyFree) when we jokingly threw out all the money advice we’ve heard lately. We may have repeated some of this advice ourselves. Then […]

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Confessions of a Frugal Fraud

birkenstocks, sunglasses and a pineapple

I was bent over my desk, studying, when I heard a muffled laugh from my roommate. The shifting glow of her screen lit up her face when I looked over. It was freshman year and we had just moved in, so our friendship was in the early stages: tentative but pleasant. She told me she […]

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