I Am Not A Wife Or A Mother, Should I Feel Guilty

It’s 4pm and I realize I haven’t done anything productive today. Well, that’s not exactly true. I followed up with HR because my previous company seems to have… forgotten? to pay me for the last month of work. I tracked down the status of my tax return. I organized pick-up for one of my larger plants that must be sold before I move.

But I haven’t done anything productive for anyone else

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4 Ways Financial Independence Changed Our Lives (Work, Health, Time, Mentality)

** Financial independence has far-reaching effects on our lives, and for many the pursuit of independence and the obtaining of it has impacted us in profound ways. Today, we hear from Jenni and Chris from TicTocLife, two mid-thirties career-driven folks who reached financial independence by age 33 and retired early at 35. If you are […]

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