I Am Not A Generous Person (and The Case Against A Donor Advised Fund)

My sister is extremely generous. As a kid, she delighted in pretending to take the family’s orders one-by-one, then carefully carrying out miscellaneous items from the kitchen meant to represent our hamburgers (me), filet mignon (dad), and lobster a la carte (mom). Every gift she gives is carefully considered and tailored to the recipient. Once, […]

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4 Busted Myths About Women and Money

casual woman with curly hair and retro outfit

For too long, the myth that women are somehow bad with money has perpetuated our media, marketing, and minds. Advice based on these false assumptions conveys that women are at fault. If they only negotiated harder, took on more risks, and (in short) acted more like a man, then they would succeed. This view ignores […]

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