Confessions of a Frugal Fraud

birkenstocks, sunglasses and a pineapple

I was bent over my desk, studying, when I heard a muffled laugh from my roommate. The shifting glow of her screen lit up her face when I looked over. It was freshman year and we had just moved in, so our friendship was in the early stages: tentative but pleasant. She told me she […]

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The Line Between Frugal and Cheap

Nobody wants to be called cheap. We dread being labeled a scrooge, likened to a mean, greedy recluse who would do anything to avoid parting from a penny. We want to be known for our generosity while still saving enough for ourselves. Those who decide to be money-wise are often nervous of being accused of […]

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House of Five Financial Horrors

In honor of Halloween let me introduce you to the money monsters we face. Brace yourself for five appalling creatures intent on wrecking financial havoc. The Too-Good-To-Be-True Siren Beware the siren call of spectacular profits with low risk. Shut your ears from the tempting tease to wire money or pay a fee before a new […]

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