The Sunday Sharies: Volume 7

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Sunday Scaries (n): The Sunday evening dread that creeps in when anticipating work in the morning.

Shut down Sunday Scaries with this new series: Sunday Sharies! These are the articles, links, and content I’ve read this week that I think are worth sharing.


FIRE Articles

We Bought a $90,000 House. And Yes, We’re Moving In. (Physician On FIRE)

The Option of Early Retirement (One Frugal Girl)

Would You Sell Everything To Travel The World? (Millennial Revolution)

Finance Articles

Are You Rich? Where Does Your Net Worth Rank in America? (The New York Times)

Is Now a Good Time to Invest? (Good Question.) (Ellevest)

Interesting Articles

The Work You Do The Person You Are (Toni Morrison)

The Mystery of the Miserable Employees: How to Win in the Winner-Take-All Economy (The New York Times)

How to Successfully Work from Home Without Losing Your Goddamn Mind (Or Your Job) (Bitches Get Riches)

So… Are you rich or not?
Which article tickled your fancy this fine Sunday?

Let me know in the comments below!

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  1. The “Are you Rich?” article was a fun one — interactive and full of data. And yes, I am, according to the numbers.

    Thanks much for including the article I wrote about our housing journey. We are enjoying this new little house of ours.


    1. It was so cool reading about your entire housing journey and your thoughts and decisions behind each place. I love the intentionality behind getting a smaller place as a home base while you travel.

  2. I love the “Are you Rich” one and was surprised to find that I am not rich! (I always feel like I am). But then I adjusted my entries a bit (
    took a year off my age and upped my net worth estimate) and found that I am rich afterall. That was a fun experiment!

    1. Much better to feel rich when you aren’t compared to feeling poor even though you have everything you could need. Glad you liked the post!

  3. We are definitely rich by monetary standards and I am so utterly blessed to recognize all that we have. Thankfully we are also rich in so many other important aspects of our lives. Those are even more valuable than the money in our bank accounts. Thanks for including me in your roundup! I’m still coming up with my plan for work. Unfortunately I’m no farther along than I was when I typed up that post!

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