Wait, I Only Spent $255 Last Month? – July 2019 Expense Report

June was the month of uprooting, as we packed and hefted and drove and ended our lease—and July followed quickly after, which I now dub the month of homelessness.

The Apartment Situation

If you recall from last month, I was sleeping on a pad in our empty apartment, living out of my suitcase. The reason: our housing wasn’t ready, and temporary housing was strictly for medical residents only. That means Mr. Mechanic had a place to crash, but I was out of luck.

While every day we waited to hear news and dates kept getting pushed back further, I finagled some temporary living situations. In June, I stayed with a friend, then in a hotel for work, then with Mr. Mechanic’s sister. When the month ticked into July, I still didn’t have a place to call ‘home.’

Stop 1: Denver

First, I flew to Denver for two weeks to stay with my folks, thinking that housing would surely be ready by then. While in Denver, I caught up with old friends and had a great time exploring on the weekends. I continued working during the week, which was my first switch into full-time remote work.

By the end of the two weeks, it looked like the tenant in our apartment still hadn’t moved out, so I wasn’t sure what to do next.

the farmers market on Pearl Street, in denver
The Pearl Street Farmer’s Market, Denver

Stop 2 and 3: Texas and Arkansas

Luckily, two business trips popped up—one in Texas and the other in Arkansas, so I jumped at the chance to travel while I had no home to miss.

I booked flights and snagged a ticket to go to New York at the end of the business trip. Surely after two months of waiting on our unit, they would be done with maintenance… right?

Since most of my team works remotely, it was great to work together while on these business trips. And on the weekends—we explored. We walked up and down 6th street, the bustling hub of Austin. We tried Impossible Burgers, then grabbed some ice cream from Amy’s. After long days in the sun and walking several miles, we collapsed in our beds before getting up early to work.

kayaking on lady bird lake
Kayaking on Lady Bird Lake

By the last day of July, Mr. Mechanic and I still didn’t have a move-in date. Despite the frustration of bouncing around from place to place, living out of my suitcase and working without the usual amenities of my old office (stand up desk! Second monitor! Freshly brewed coffee!), there was definitely one significant upside: my expenses were extremely low.

Let’s dig in shall we?

Expense Report

Note: These are expenses for just me.

ItemAmountMechanic Musings
Rent$0I paid no rent in the month of July.
Restaurants$190For my last few days in Portland, I picked up the tab when we went for drinks after work. When I was in Denver, I grabbed drinks, brunch, and ice cream with friends. I also treated my folks to a couple of meals (nothing in comparison to how much they fed me for two weeks!). Work covered meals while I was on business trips. Overall, this category was higher than normal, but I think the social gain was worth it.
Kayaking$30Unlimited time out on Lady Bird Lake in Austin, Texas for the weekend.
Electronics$20I didn’t have the correct cord to set up a second monitor at my parents’ house. A second monitor is nearly mandatory for anyone who writes code—so I went out and bought the cord and some extra batteries for all of my devices.
Gifts$15There were a few birthdays in the month of July.



July will likely be the least expensive month ever. Thanks to the ability to stay with my parents for two weeks, and then go on subsidized travel through work, my total is remarkably low.

Things that were $0—internet, fuel, phone bill.

My low expenses almost make it feel worth it to feel like a pinball zinging around with no real place to land. Yet—just like in pinball, I eventually escaped the paddles and slid into my spot. On August 1st, I landed in New York, paying an astronomical uber fare to get to my new hometown (you’ll see it in next month’s spending report).

August 2nd, we got word that our apartment was ready. Thus ends the month of homelessness.

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    1. Yes I am so glad we can start settling now! It really made me appreciate the stability of being in a single place.

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