The Sunday Sharies: Volume 22

Sunday Scaries (n): The Sunday evening dread that creeps in when anticipating work in the morning.

Shut down Sunday Scaries with this series: Sunday Sharies! These are the articles, links, and content I’ve read this week that I think are worth sharing.

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FIRE Articles

The Road to My First $6,000/Month in Online Income (Four Pillar Freedom)

The words that I write on this site (and other sites) can attract readers and income while I’m sleeping. As Naval says, it’s a form of “permissionless leverage.” I can leverage the power of the internet without anyone’s permission.

I Got Better With Money Once I Cared (Freddy Smidlap)

There you have a 33 year arc of fun and finances.  Here’s the thing:  the 1st 18 years when I was a financial screw-up nobody was really watching.  I wasn’t writing about it and basically the world didn’t care.  Nobody twisted my arm and made me get better.  The will to do better had to come from within.  Had I continued down the crappy money path the world would not have shed a tear.  I basically would have been like so many other “normal” Americans spending every dime I made and it would not have been remarkable.  You gotta do it for yourself for your own reasons. 

Confession: I Don’t Want to be A Millionaire (Our Bill Pickle)

What [the CEO] said in an interview with the BBC really struck me:

“People are starving or being laid off or being taken advantage of, so that somebody can have a penthouse at the top of a tower in New York with gold chairs.

“We’re glorifying greed all the time as a society, in our culture. And, you know, the Forbes list is the worst example – ‘Bill Gates has passed Jeff Bezos as the richest man.’ Who cares!?”

We Could All Use a Little Levity (Along the Camel Ride)

I don’t know about you, but I’m sick of hearing about coronavirus. It’s all we talk about at work as we prepare for the surge. I’m days (hours?) away from being redeployed to a COVID-19 ICU, where I’ll definitely be exposed to the virus if I haven’t already. Colleague after colleague, both current and former, are either entering self-isolation or are sick, sick, sick from this virus.

Finance Articles

My Retirement Plan Is You (The New York Times)

Known as the reverse-boomerang effect, the phenomenon of parents moving in with their adult children, often for financial reasons, is on the rise.

Miscellaneous Articles

68 Bits of Unsolicited Advice (The Technium)

• Promptness is a sign of respect.

• When you are young spend at least 6 months to one year living as poor as you can, owning as little as you possibly can, eating beans and rice in a tiny room or tent, to experience what your “worst” lifestyle might be. That way any time you have to risk something in the future you won’t be afraid of the worst case scenario.

• Trust me: There is no “them”.

What do you think?

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  1. thanks for including me. it’s always a nice surprise when someone values what you have written. i read and much enjoyed the other selections too. levity is king in all times. that technium piece is priceless. it’s never a bad idea to learn something who just has more time living like that 68 year old. it doesn’t make them better. it just means they’ve seen more and learned more just by being alive longer.

  2. Thanks for including me! As a long time reader/equally long time lurker (I’m working on it, I swear), this was a really nice thing to wake up to this morning! I’ve read a few of the other pieces already, but added the others to my list for my bonus long weekend (it hasn’t even happened yet but I can confidently say taking tomorrow off was a great choice).

    1. I’m glad you got to take some extra time for yourself! I hope you enjoy the extra reads and I’ll be over to your blog some more to check out more pieces!

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