The Sunday Sharies: Volume 18

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Sunday Scaries (n): The Sunday evening dread that creeps in when anticipating work in the morning.

Shut down Sunday Scaries with this series: Sunday Sharies! These are the articles, links, and content I’ve read this week that I think are worth sharing.

FIRE Articles

I love me more than I love my job, so I quit (Rich & regular)

Over time, we’ve become better architects of our own lives but, the thing is, you can know something is intellectually true enough to create a blueprint and still not believe it enough to take action

Why are Doctors Burning Out? Three Ways FIRE Can Save Us (Physician on FIRE)

My job is NOT to be a human being that thinks and cares and cries.  We wonder why doctors lack empathy. The lack of autonomy and support leads to utter dissatisfaction and burnout at work.

Is there a solution to save our doctors?

I have $500K, own several properties and plan to retire by 40. I’m in love, but my girlfriend just bought a $37K Mercedes — and says I’ve enough money for both of us (MarketWatch)

Whenever we discuss my potential early retirement she asserts that she should be retiring with me, despite not really saving for it. She tells me that my retirement income should be to support my (future) family. I actually agree: When I started participating in FIRE, I did assume this money would be used to support my family during my early retirement.

Finance Articles

The New Trophies of Domesticity – For many young Americans, stability and sophistication look like a KitchenAid mixer. (The Atlantic)

Making a perfect Bolognese lasagna might seem like an odd form of clout-chasing, but most people can’t party like they’re 25 forever. The hangovers get worse, and you get sick of eating takeout. At a certain point, people want to start signaling that they’ve evolved as humans, and cooking is the perfect cultural signifier for the job.

Miscellaneous Articles

11 Reasons Not to Become Famous (or “A Few Lessons Learned Since 2007”) (Tim Ferriss)

If you’ve ever wondered why many celebrities disappear for a period of time, sometimes years, it’s often in the hopes that the below will fade or go away. Sadly, it’s very hard to put the toothpaste back in the toothpaste tube once you have a large Google footprint.

I Spoke Out Against Sexual Harassment at Uber. The Aftermath Was More Terrifying Than Anything I Faced Before (Time)

What I wrote changed the world, some said: for the first time, a woman had spoken up about mistreatment, the world listened to her, and she walked away unscathed. And, in those early days, it really did seem that I had turned the tables, and I started to wonder if most of my fears had been unfounded. It seemed too good to be true. And it was. I was soon jolted out of my daydream, and I awakened into a nightmare.

“Amusing Ourselves to Death”: News media and the public’s desire to be entertained vs. its need to be informed (Media Matters)

Journalism cannot serve its role as an institutional check on the powerful if it is driven by a need to maximize profit. 

Paternity Leave Has Long-Lasting Benefits. So Why Don’t More American Men Take It? (NYTimes)

For my part, I came out of my own paternity leave with an easy ability to take both of the kids as soon as I was done at work, or to handle sick days when they came up. That allowed my wife to transition back to her own job more quickly, and to commit with more confidence to new projects.

What do you think?

Let me know what you found interesting in the comments below!

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  1. I liked the article from Moneywatch about the guy who is saving for retirement while his girlfriend likes to spend what she has earned – such as her $37,000 Mercedes. It showed a classic juxtaposition of a person in the FIRE movement with a person who has the money habits of most of the rest of society. The comments were interesting to read as well. They were also split between those who sympathized with the man and those who sided with the girlfriend. The variety of comments were unlike what I am used to: such as blogs about FIRE topics where almost everyone is of a like-mind. A surprising number of people in the comments sided with the girlfriend. I liked the mix. Thanks for posting all those articles. Good choices!

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