December 2018 Expense Report

December Reflections

I was home alone for most of December while Mr. Mechanic flew to various residency interviews. This meant a lot of time watching movies he would never want to watch (what do you mean no British Bake Off or The Good Place for a week?!), scarfing down Trader Joe’s Lasagna (family size? Let’s be real), and picking up some extra art projects before Christmas.

We drove down for a ski trip, took a Christmas Eve flight to Denver, and had a wonderful time visiting friends and family.

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Some Highlights

You may recall in my last expense report that we had a lavish feast from the Jerusalem cookbook, and one highlight this holiday was receiving it as a gift! I also received a onesie, so Mr. Mechanic and I have been cooking it up in our house in matching outfits from when I got him one back in September. I think we can conclude that December has been pretty great to us.

Expense report time!

A note on reading these expense reports: for simplicity (and accuracy) I put all expenses in the month that they are paid. It is a record of just my expenses.

Without further ado, here is the expense report for December:

ItemAmountMechanic Musings
Medical Expenses$721Oof this was a rough month, my bill from urgent care back in June came through, and I had to get two root canals done. We are lucky to have a dentist in the family who could refer me to an Endodontist that gave me a “buy-one-get-one-free” deal.
Travel$272Roundtrip ticket to Denver
Groceries$126A pretty average month of spending. We made some fun things:

–       Chicken with caramelized onion & cardamom rice

–       Chicken chili momos

–       Slow cooker pork

–       Vegetable roasts

Gifts$130‘Tis the season! I think there is room here to plan ahead with our gifts. I did do some personal artwork, and a big chunk went towards Smash Bros for Switch. We have a lot of family and extended family, so it would be worth looking more into giving generous (but frugal) gifts.
Blog$48I went from WordPress hosting to self-hosting, cancelling my old Premium subscription. I got a refund for $47.60 that I put towards the two years of hosting with Siteground ($94.80), and spent a lot of time this month tweaking the theme rather than writing… It’s time to buckle down!
Restaurants$18.50Went to a brewery with some friends and got lunch with some coworkers at a Belizean restaurant
Monthly Service fee$12Opened a Chase account to deposit the check when I sold my car. If you don’t have direct deposit set up or have less than a certain amount in the account, they charge a monthly fee. I called to get it reversed, and will be closing that account.
Total2,263Definitely above-average spending this month
My hand-drawn gifts for two trekkers in the family

How were your December expenses? Do you have any frugal gift giving ideas? Leave a comment below!

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  1. My older boys have been really enjoying Smash Bros-they just got it for Christmas from Grandma. Also I ❤️ Great British Bake-off and watch it often. It usually inspires me to bake too many yummy things that I probably shouldn’t. ?

    1. Bake-off always makes me crave a treat or two, it’s a dangerous show! We made a Victoria Sponge Cake the other week after watching it and I definitely appreciate the skill of those bakers a lot more now. Smash bros has been a hit (pun intended) in our household too!

  2. Wow, that’s pretty good. How were my December expenses?? Well let’s see…Firstly I spent way more that $18 on fuel (oh that;s right you sold your car) then way more on eating out. How do you not have expenses for entertainment like going to the movies, going out for drinks etc? Also, do you include all things bought at the supermarket under groceries or is this just food because $126 seems very low if its everything. What about cable bill, clothes, stuff for the house, nails and hair? Maybe you have eliminated those costs. If so, good for you!
    P.S. Love the British Baking Show as well
    P.P.S. those drawings are awesome. I think I see a new side hustle opportunity for you!!

    1. All things bought at the supermarket goes under groceries because I am not diligent enough to pick out individual things from the receipts. It is definitely low! I talk more about our grocery spending here: . It was especially low for this month because we spent so much time with family (and they are quite gracious with feeding us lots of delicious holiday food!)

      We don’t have cable, I am trying to spend $0 this year on clothes, we rent, and we do our own hair (and nails) in the Mechanic household!

      P.S. The last episode made me crave a pistachio cake and I’ve never even had one.
      P.P.S. Thank you very much!

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