Black Lives Matter and other May expenses

Black Lives Matter

I’m a couple of days late on this post because frankly there have been more pressing concerns in the world right now. Cities all over the country are rising up, a century of fury whipped up and foaming into the streets. It was a long time coming. We live in a country that fosters white supremacy and has routinely denied justice for our Black citizens. Though these events were sparked by the murders of Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor, and George Floyd, the list of names extends for centuries. We need change. We need accountability. We need to root out racism in every facet of society, from schools, to courthouses, to the workplace, to the streets.

Woman holding black lives matter sign
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May Expenses

I have a lot more to write on this subject, but while I’m working on that, this is my scheduled expense report in the meantime. Although the beginning of May seems lightyears away, a lot has happened this month. We were multiple months into a lockdown with no end in sight. It seemed like spring was on its way, but then realized it forgot something and turned away, letting winter take over for a little while.

We said goodbye to friends who wrapped up their first year of residency and moved to their new house in Rochester. We went on a few hikes with them and had a couple late nights around the fire. Otherwise, we kept going on our daily walks, sometimes taking MechaniCat with us.

Confident kitty leading the way

I turned 27, and although I couldn’t celebrate with a big party, one of my friends sent me ice cream from my favorite shop in Portland.

Strawberry Balsamic w/ Black Pepper yummmm

I hit new net worth goals, but it didn’t feel right to celebrate with everything else that is happening around us. I’m fired up to use my energy for good. Part of financial independence for me is the freedom to speak up without worrying about career consequences, to fight for what is right, to use money and energy to make positive changes. Of course, you can do this without being FI, but a lot of the fear melts away when there won’t be financial ramifications for doing the right thing. Then you can fight to shield people who can’t afford financial retribution so we can all strive for justice.

A lot of what we’ve seen recently is that money is power. We can support Black-owned businesses and stop supporting companies that have problematic policies and values. 

With that in mind, I can reflect how I spent my money this month and if I should tweak where it goes in the future.

Note: This is the spending for just me. I report expenses when I pay them, so you may not see insurance or other bills until the month that I pay them.

ItemAmountMechanic Musings
Groceries$114We are still trying to eat through everything in our cabinets. It’s like learning a new language. The meals, like sentences, aren’t always strung together with the best grammar. However, with some creativity, you can make something passable.
Donation$150I donated to the Minnesota Freedom Fund first, then the NAACP Legal Defense and Education Fund.
Gifts$61Mother’s day gift and present for Mr. Mechanic
Blog$18Renewed the domain for this website
Restaurant$9We got takeout twice, once for my birthday (which Mr. Mechanic picked up), and again to get a burger. We made fries and a salad at home, and split the burger. It was delicious and hit the spot.



We hit close to bare-bones spending this month. Without gifts and charitable giving it would have been just $678. However, I feel good about how I spent my money this month.

I’d like to see more money going towards Black-owned businesses and specifically less shopping on Amazon. This should be easier once we move from our small town. 

What About You?

Did you donate this month?

Will financial independence make a difference in your fight for justice?

How was your May?

Share in the comments below!

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  1. Rock bottom expenses I like the breakdown. May was good for us are spending is a bit higher living in sunny San Diego though. My wife has actually setup a program to help kids and families in Guatemala. This virus has impacted many familes there and some can’t even buy food. My wife already hit FIRE but once I do it will for give me more time to make a posative impact.

  2. Um, I love that you take your cat out for walks! My husband is a little obsessed with taking one of our kitties out on a leash — she freaking loves it. I think it’s because she had a bit of Maine Coon in her? She’s basically like a dog sometimes, I swear.

    In May, we donated primarily to our local community kitchen — that’s where we’ve been sending the payments that would normally go to our gym. We’ll likely continue doing that in June, but I’ve also started putting together a list of organizations we want to support.

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