All The Books I’ve Read So Far In 2022

In January, I put together a list of every book I read last year. It ended up being quite the task! I have been reading a ton since then, and decided to do another list part way through the year to keep the updates a tad smaller and more manageable.  I love talking about what folks are learning and reading! My goal over the next few years is to change my mind. 

I know I grew up with biases and assumptions. What better way to grow than to find out science has proven me wrong or to learn something new? Already, several of these books made me question opinions I took for granted and helped me see life from new perspectives. I hope there is something on this list that might appeal to you!

Books I Learned A Lot From

What We Don't Talk About When We Talk About Fat

“But those conversations rarely bear the hallmarks of concern. Concern is curious, tender, loving. Concern is direct and heartfelt. Concern does its work delicately, with great care. It looks after the people we hold dear. Concern is rooted in love—not, as in so many of these conversations, rooted in power, paternalism, and open contempt.” – Aubrey Gordon

The Body Keeps the Score: Brain, Mind, and Body in the Healing of Trauma

“People can learn to control and change their behavior, but only if they feel safe enough to experiment with new solutions. The body keeps the score: If trauma is encoded in heartbreaking and gut-wrenching sensations, then our first priority is to help people move out of fight-or-flight” – Bessel van der Kolk

Gender, Race, and Sexuality

All About Love: New Visions

“One of the best guides to how to be self-loving is to give ourselves the love we are often dreaming about receiving from others.” – bell hooks

Your Silence Will Not Protect You

“One tool of the Great-American-Double-Think is to blame the victim for victimisation: 

Black people are said to invite lynching by not knowing our place; Black women are said to invite rape and murder and abuse by not being submissive enough, or by being too seductive, or too…” – Audre Lord

Eloquent Rage: A Black Feminist Discovers Her Superpower
“The powerlessness and capriciousness of being repeatedly jammed up at the personal and political crossroads of one’s intersections while a watching world pretends not to see you there, needing help, is how it feels to be a Black woman on an ordinary day.” – Brittney Cooper
Detransition, Baby

“Transition had been the first of a number of unthinkables. Other unthinkables had been her long-term girlfriend breaking up with her, her parents refusing to speak with her, the shattering of her own confidence. She’d lied to herself about her own gender for so long and lied so deeply, how could she have any faith in her own convictions?” – Torrey Peters

Women Don't Owe You Pretty

“I was taught how to count calories, have boundaries with, and say “no” to food as a young girl, before I learned about the importance of having boundaries with and saying “no” to other people. What do you think that taught me about being a woman in this world?.” – Florence Given


Body Work: The Radical Power of Personal Narrative

“Tell me about your mad love affair, how you forgot and then remembered yourself. Tell me about your hands, the things they have done and held and hit and let go. Tell me about your drunk father and your friend who died.” – Melissa Febos

Between Two Kingdoms: A Memoir of a Life Interrupted

“What if the bed collapses?” Will was genuinely concerned. “Imagine my dad reading the newspaper headlines tomorrow: Naked American Couple Found Dead in Pile of IKEA Debris.” 

Joy is a terrifying emotion, don’t trust it, I added to the page. For under the joy, a storm was gaining speed, a roiling sense of foreboding, some wet, starless savagery unfolding beneath my skin.” – Suleika Jaouad

Nowhere for Very Long: The Unexpected Road to an Unconventional Life

“In a sudden and sobering moment of clarity, it occurred to me what I had done. Like waking up from sleepwalking to find yourself standing in the kitchen, I came to and realized I was holding the steering wheel of a van I’d bought on a whim. What was the plan? Where was I? Better yet, who was I? In a matter of one week, I had gone from looking at floor plans and mortgages to riding eye-level with truckers with seventeen dollars left to my name. And yet, part of me was thrilled at the absurdity of it all.” – Brianna Madia

I took Nowhere For Very Long on a self-date!


One Last Stop

““You done?” he says. “It’s the fu##in’ subway, not the fu##in’ Notebook. Wanna get us all fu##in’ stuck here for an hour while they scrape a couple of lesbians off the fu##in’ tracks—” “You’re right!” Jane says through a slightly hysterical laugh, snatching August’s hand up and tugging her away. “Don’t know what we were thinking!” “I’m actually bisexual!” August adds faintly over her shoulder.” – Casey McQuiston

Rosaline Palmer Takes the Cake

“Darling, Mummy won the biscuit round.” There was a pause. ‘With the not-for-Amelie biscuits?’ ‘Yes.’ ‘Well, I’m glad you won because you’re brilliant. But I think everybody should be able to eat biscuits so I think you made discriminatory biscuits and I don’t think that should have won. Also there are squids that glow and fish with lasers.'” – Alexis Hall

Love at First Spite

“She’s wearing yellow-framed glasses and a black turtleneck today, a combo that makes her look like a stylish bumblebee.” – Anna E. Collins

11 Of The Bridgerton Novels (They are quick reads!)

Books for Software Engineers

The Phoenix Project: A Novel about IT, DevOps, and Helping Your Business Win

“By modifying our development and deployment processes, we’re hardening and securing both the applications and production infrastructure in a meaningful and systematic way. And we’re gaining confidence that those defects will never happen again in the future.” – Gene Kim, Kevin Behr, and George Spafford

The Unicorn Project: A Novel about Developers, Digital Disruption, and Thriving in the Age of Data

“Maxine loves byzantine processes like pediatricians love sick children.” – Gene Kim

This Was A Fun One

People We Meet on Vacation

“Four days after that, Guillermo ended our relationship. “We’re just too different,” he said. “We got swept up in our chemistry, but long term, we want different things.” I’m not saying he dumped me for not knowing who Damien Hirst was. But I’m not not saying that” – Emily Henry

The House in the Cerulean Sea

“We all have our issues. I have a spare tire around my middle. His father is Satan. Nothing that can’t be worked out if we try hard enough.” – T.J.Klune

The Last Human

“Her implant is right about one thing. Say what you will about corporate’s draconian nondisclosure policy, excising a full mission’s worth of memories is very effective at treating life trauma. Where there are no memories, there can be no grief.” – Zack Jordan

The Midnight Library
“In one life she was a successful eco-architect who lived a carbon- neutral existence in a self-designed bungalow that harvested rainwater and ran on solar power. In one life she was an aid worker in Botswana. In one life a cat-sitter. In one life a volunteer in a homeless shelter. In one life she was sleeping on her only friend’s sofa. In one life she taught music in Montreal. In one life she spent all day arguing with people she didn’t know on Twitter and ended a fair proportion of her tweets by saying ‘Do better’ while secretly realising she was telling herself to do that.” – Matt Haig

Quick Recap

In total I read 30 books so far this year. A third of those were quick-and-dirty novels by Julia Quinn, the inspiration for the now-hit Bridgerton on Netflix. If you don’t count all of those, I read 20 books. I bought my Kindle in January of 2021 and bring that little thing with me everywhere I go. 

So far I’ve read 3 of the 13 books I had on my to-read list from the beginning of the year. And that list just keeps growing!

Take Aways From Reading

Sometimes, reading is about feeling. You hop into a different world. You get to see life through a different lens.

Other times, reading is about improving your life. I have made a couple of concrete changes in my life after reading:

Books Recommended By Readers of Financial Mechanic

One of the best things about writing is the feedback I get from readers. Here are all the books that were left in my comments section as books that readers recommend:
  • Chatter by Ethan Kross
  • Four Thousand Weeks by Oliver Burkeman
  • Why We Sleep by Matthew Walker
  • Metabolical by Robert Lustig MD
  • Honeybee by Craig Silvey
  • The Forest of Vanishing Stars by Kristin Harmel
  • The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo 
  • Color of Law by Richard Rothstein
  • Three Women by Lisa Taddeo
  • The Vanishing Half by Brit Bennett
  • All Boys Aren’t Blue by George M. Johnson
  • The Psychology of Money by Morgan Housel
  • Braiding Sweetgrass by Robin Wall Kimmerer
  • Juliet Takes A Breath by Gabby Rivera
  • Last Night at the Telegraph Club by Malinda Lo
  • The Sum of Us by Heather McGhee
  • This Bridge Called My Back edited by Cherríe Moraga and Gloria E. Anzaldúa
  • Priory of the Orange Tree by Samantha Shannon
  • Why Fish Don’t Exist by Lulu Mille

While I feel like I’ve read a lot this year, the list above makes me excited to pick up more books!

What About You?

Have you read any of these books?

What are you reading now?

What should I add to my reading list?

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  1. The Psychology of Money is really quite extraordinary.In a world of endless finance books,podcasts etc it stands out for its clarity and deceptive sim[licity.

  2. Your reading is inspiring! I check out many library books but often end up returning them sadly unread. I got some great suggestions from this post though. My summer resolution is to spend time reading outdoors at least once a week! Currently reading The Committed by Viet Thanh Nguyen.

  3. I picked up two of the memoirs that you rated highly from my great local library, Between Two Kindoms and Nowhere for Very Long. Also, two books about Vietnamese street food. Planning a trip. 😊

    1. I’d love to hear your thoughts after! And YUM I love Vietnamese food, that trip sounds amazing 🙂

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