A New Foster Cat And Other December 2020 Expenses

Due to COVID-19 and other concerns, instead of flying home after Thanksgiving I decided to stick around my parents’ home for the month of December.  I always enjoy Denver’s blue skies, but I was missing MechaniCat badly. To ease my homesickness and liven up my childhood home, we looked into picking up a foster cat.

Meet The New Foster

We showed up to the rescue and they handed us a 6 month old darling, who looks like a mini-version of MechaniCat as a grey tabby herself. She’s been a delight to have around the holidays. 

See new friends

Other activities include meeting up with old friends outside and 6ft apart. This was a serious breath of fresh air after two cross-country moves that isolated me from a lot of my long term friendships. We went for walks in the neighborhood, ate outside (shivering, with gloves on, that’s a first!) and caught each other up on our lives. 

The Spend Trend

Just like last month, I’m practicing spending money on myself, and just spending in general. This month that looked like buying myself some presents and not worrying about the cost of activities with friends. I’m curious to see how this reflects in my spending report this month!

Note: This is the spending for just me. I report expenses when I pay them, so you may not see insurance or other bills until the month that I pay them.

ItemAmountMechanic Musings
Therapy$375Weekly therapy sessions. I’m a huge advocate for everyone going to therapy!
Ticket$239Shortly after writing that I have never been pulled over, I got pulled over on Thanksgiving while driving a rental to the airport. Thus ends the era of an unsullied driving record.
Blog$180I renewed my website hosting through SiteGround for another year. The cost goes up significantly if you don’t lock in the low price to start. I considered switching this year, but the service has been so good at SiteGround I decided to stick around.
Restaurant$121I think this is the highest amount spent on restaurants for me in the last few years! This month I went out socially-distanced with several friends, from coffee to charcuterie plates to meals by an outdoor fire.

Clothes$124After breaking my clothing ban last month, I also went ahead and got a new outfit. I had a ball picking it out and decided to use it as an opportunity to practice spending money on myself more often (a New Year’s resolution)
Gifts$88It’s that time of year!
Utilities$40Gas & Electric
Personal Care$22 
Zoo lights$20I went to the Denver Zoolights with a friend.

Hat$18I bought myself a Christmas present: a knitted hat I love every time I see it on other people.
Groceries$11Low grocery spend this month because I spent the month at my parents’ house. This was the cost of some cat supplies for our new foster friend.
Total$2,578There were a few big ticket items (pun intended…) this month that really cranked up my overall spending. 

What about you?

How was your December?

Do you buy yourself birthday or holiday gifts?

How long had you been driving before getting your first speeding ticket?

Share in the comments below!

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  1. I’ve gotten 3 speeding tickets and several warnings. I have a lead foot and literally pay for it at times. One ticket was bullshit though – for going 3 over!!

    December was actually pretty low spend for me despite gifts and going all out on food. I’m pretty happy with the month, although this year was probably one of the most expensive on record for me. Merry Christmas and a happy new year to you!

    1. That lead foot can really get us into trouble! Usually I drive old beaters, so I wasn’t prepared for the speed of a new car (rental could accelerate quickly without feeling like much). I’m also glad to hear you had a great December AND low spending in one go! I think my spending will start to trend upwards too so interested in following your expense reports! Happy New Year Gwen!

  2. My one and only speeding ticket occurred when I was around 36 and driving a carful of 1st graders to school in the morning. The kids thought it was hilarious. Not sure about the carpool parents !

  3. Love the rescue cat! Nice to see you spent some money on yourself and don’t regret it. You’ve got to enjoy life sometime, right?

    I wasn’t going to buy myself any Christmas gifts, but I broke some sporting equipment in December. While I was getting a replacement for the broken part I decided to splurge on some other gear as well. I hope to use it a lot over the coming years so I figure it’s worth it.

    Happy new year and all the best for 2021!

  4. Finally, my type of subject….tickets! I’m a student of tickets! My first ticket was before I had a driver’s license. I was caught crossing the highway on a dirt bike at age 15. The officer said my actual driver’s license could be withheld until I turned 18. Official driving was the one thing I wanted as a teen (next was a girlfriend). It’s like saying to today’s kid, no cell phone, no internet for the next 3 years….I was scared straight before there was such a thing! And if speeding is your thing then I suggest doing it in a huge way. I’ve been stopped for traveling 30mph over, twice, and drove away with no ticket, no written warning. There was a warning however….that I could be arrested, car impounded and jailed on the spot!
    Rest easy people…this was year’s ago. I obey all laws these days.

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