6 Things I Don’t Regret Buying

Last month I published a post on my Top 4 Most Regrettable Purchases, but of course there is a flip side: all the things I in the last year that I am grateful for. The list got quite long– I don’t regret the plants, the art supplies, or the instruments we have, for example, so I tried to narrow it down to things I have bought in the last year. The sixth item is one exception that gets a mention because of how much I used it this year. 

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1. Kindle

In 2013 on Christmas day, I unwrapped a gift from Mr. Mechanic: my first kindle! At first I was not sure why Mr. Mechanic would even get me a Kindle as I was rather vocal about preferring physical books. I love the smell of them, their heft, the act of turning pages. I like to know how much I’ve read and how much I have left, not by a little percentage bar but by seeing the bulk of pages on either side of my bookmark. I still go in bookstores to get lost in a maze of rows and rows of shelves– but I’ve ultimately succumbed to the convenience of the Kindle. It has journeyed with me on countless airplane trips and stood in as a library at my fingertips.

Screen Shot 2018-10-28 at 11.20.42 AM
Old on the left — new to me on the right

Four years later I traveled with the Kindle stowed safely in my backpack as usual, but when I got to my AirBnB, white lines scratched across the surface, obscuring the words. I looked up new models but they all had fancy features, light up screens, and better internet connectivity. It was all extra bells and whistles I did not want. I wanted my simple, small, non-back-lit screen. I ordered the exact same model off of eBay and it arrived in great condition. I’ve since installed Overdrive, an app that lets your borrow books from your local library, and I take it with me everywhere.

2. Bike ~$240

Even in bicycle-friendly Portland, I put off getting a bike for a long time. I tried to make due with a hand-me-down children’s bike, with brakes askew and sticky rubber handlebars.

Boys’ bike with broken pedal and taped-together brake

Needless-to-say, I did not enjoy riding that bike. Finally, we got around to selling it on Craigslist and I searched for a road bike to start commuting. I picked up a 2005 Specialized Sequoia in great shape from the previous owners, a couple living in the suburbs who preferred their hybrids.

13-year-old bicycle in great shape

This speed demon was $240 and I ride it to work every morning. My ride is smooth and nearly effortless on the new road bike and I enjoy riding it every day, so much so that I went ahead and sold my car.

3. Rice Cooker

2879961_fpxI used to be extremely dubious about owning a rice cooker. I can cook rice perfectly well in a pot-and-pan, so why clutter up my counter and kitchen with another gadget that can only do one thing? However, that “one thing,” is something I do very often. I cook rice at least twice a week, and with a click of a button could let the rice cook to perfection. Unfortunately my two-year-old Black + Decker version stopped working last week, so I can’t really recommend that model. I’ve been dithering over replacing it with an instant pot or a different version of a rice cooker. If you have any suggestions please let me know!

4. Any Plane Ticket Ever ~$200+?

I did a lot of travel in the last year. I was working in the UK for six months, which meant I could take a $30 flight to any surrounding major European city. I took full advantage of this and took several trips to visit some old friends and make some new ones. In each place I made sure to partake in the local cuisine and tour around the city. Each trip adds up, but the memories made are irreplaceable and 100% worth it to me.

DiffEQvsMorningstar (3).jpg

5. USB Wall Charger w/ Extra US, UK, EU Adapter 

Screen Shot 2018-10-28 at 11.43.13 AM.pngThinking about travel made me remember the one thing I was most grateful for having while traveling abroad: a four port USB wall charger with adapters. In many of the hostel rooms there was only one outlet for 4-6 people who all wanted to charge their phones at the same time. With this wall charger we could all plug in. I think work actually reimbursed me for this purchase, but I would definitely spend my own money on this one if that one is lost or broken.

6. Backpacking Backpack

Screen Shot 2018-10-28 at 11.23.46 PMOne summer we went to the REI Summer Garage Sale. The sale features merchandise that has been used and returned, and is sold as-is. It’s for members only, and I don’t think we are members, so we must have had a pass or went with a friend who is a member. We did not have a goal in mind for what we needed (so dangerous at a sale like that!) and it was a mad scramble inside. I unearthed an Osprey pack with a stiff back support and a waist strap.

I wavered before buying as I still had an old backpack that was starting to tear at the seams. I had won it in a raffle at an old workplace and it served me well backpacking through Europe. Ultimately the deal won out and I paid $80 for the Osprey pack that had been returned due to being ‘too small.’

I have now used it on nearly every one of my trips and LOVE it. It fits well, carries the weight well, and has convenient pockets for important things during travel. It fits easily in the overhead on planes. I took it on our 5 day backpacking trip and managed to carry food and supplies for the entire trip, plus a sleeping bag, sleeping mat, and a huge water bottle wrapped in the straps on the outside. It also has a built-in waterproof cover that came in handy as it rained relentlessly our first day.

Mr. Mechanic with the older backpack we still use for day hikes

Share yours!

Do you have something that surprised you with its utility? What was a big (or small!) purchase you use all the time?

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  1. I agree with every one of your purchases!!! And I adore the Overdrive app. And it’s my dream to just travel with a backpack. My husband Dragon Guy would say Global Entry is his best purchase. Mine is the iPad. I don’t like to be staring at a screen a lot, but I use it for so many different things! Reading books, playing games, blog related stuff, etc.

    1. I was considering Global Entry or even Pre-Check given how much I travel, I still need to look into those! I’m not surprised an iPad is something you don’t regret if you use it a lot. There is definitely a lot of utility there. Great examples of purchases that were well worth it.

  2. It’s lovely when a purchase turns out so great like your REI backpack! My two favorites are my tablet, which I use for nearly everything, and a miter saw that has an extended arm. Both expensive, both used over and over.

    1. Right on! My mom told me the first thing I should buy when I moved out was a miter saw, it definitely sees a lot of use at our house. Quality buys that are used over and over are hard to regret 🙂

  3. Did you buy the instant pot? IT’s an awesome buy and we use it everyday!!! we eat lot of beans and rice…

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