11 Gift Ideas For Someone Who Just Adopted A Cat

Gift Guide for the paw-lidays

Do you have a new cat owner in your life? Maybe someone who accidentally ended up adopting a cat despite saying that they definitely would not?

If so, do I have the gift giving guide for you! No, it is certainly not just a wishlist I will be sending to my friends and family now that I've adopted MechaniCat.

11 Wishlist items for someone who just adopted a cat

As recent adopters, we kept finding things we wanted to buy for our cat. We put each thing on our holiday wishlist, and I thought I would share the result with you. Each of these 11 items are things I would buy myself, but if they mysteriously ended up under a Christmas tree, I wouldn’t complain!

Note: The links are affiliate links, which means I will receive a commission at no additional cost to you if you click through. Thank you for your support!

A Cat Carrier For Travel

For the jetsetter, hiker, and adventure enthusiast. Now their cat can go along for the ride. 

I am moving in a few months, which will include a cross-country flight and some driving. I want my buddy to be able to happily check out his surroundings while we go on a new adventure. Any of these three would work!

A sturdy pack with a lined bottom and rectangle shape gives your furry buddy plenty of space. 

It doesn’t wheel around for airport travel, but it easily fits under the seat in front of you.

A medium-quality rolling carrier for your pet that can double as a backpack. It’s about half the price of fancier rolling backpacks but gets the job done!

The priciest of the three, but I have to say, this snazzy-looking rolling carrier looks like a dream for traveling with a pet.

Leash and Harness

For extra safety during travel and also because it could be fun to leash train our cat for morning walks!

Rainbow Ribbon

Two coworkers sent me the link to this toy they swear by for their cats. It would make a nice stocking stuffer!

The basics

Are we currently using a random plastic lid of a random crate for a litter box? Maybe.

let me sleep in-omatic

In just a few weeks since adopting my cat, he has come up with very creative ways to get me out of bed, including but not limited to: face sneezes, neck kneading, nose nuzzling, and run-and-launch-into-the-bed. I would very much appreciate it if he bothered this breakfast machine instead.

Other off-the-wall ideas

Scratching Tower

3 toys in one! And it will hopefully keep the kitty off of the nice rugs...

Kittyroo Cat Hoodie Holder

Look, it's called "crazy" cat person for a reason. You know which friend would love this.

Hunting Cat Feeder

Let your cat hunt for its food with these little mice you can hide around the house.

Cat Toilet Trainer

Okay this might be a bit of a weird gift. But I REALLY want to do this! Train your cat to use the toilet and you will never need to buy litter again. GENIUS.

This gift guide isn't kitten around

Do you have a feline fanatic in your life? Give a unique and practical gift!

What about you?

Look, I’m a brand new cat parent. My Google search history is a bit embarrassing recently. Here’s a little snippet from just a couple of days ago:

I’m no expert, and I haven’t even bought any of the items listed on this page (yet.) These are just ideas of things I had researched and ended up putting on my own wishlist. 

I would love to hear recommendations from more experienced cat owners.

For all the cat experts out there, what should be on this list, but isn’t? What gift ideas would you throw out for a cat lover?

Let me know in the comments below!

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    1. Aw I’m happy to hear about your two new additions! We’ll definitely be seeking out a better alternative to our current litter situation.

  1. Lucky cat! Most airlines have approved carrier specs that they require your carrier to match so just be careful before shelling out & check airline requirements first if you haven’t already. A lot of them say airline-friendly but the airline’s specs really dictate what is and isn’t.

    Also, toilet training your cat sounds like a good idea but apparently a lot of people end up giving their cats inappropriate elimination behavioral problems by trying to train them to do so. YMMV – but a lot of cat behaviorists are not fans: https://www.catbehaviorassociates.com/toilet-training/

    Clicker training cats to do fun stuff they are engaged in is a good thing though! Karen Pryor has some info on this and there are some cat-clickers with a softer sound out there. We trained one of our guys to jump on different targets that way. We trained another cat to hit a target with her paw to get a treat.

    YMMV also with the harness – I’ve known some folks who had cats shoulder out of the harness when panicked and get lost, cats running under a thick bush or up a tree and not coming out/down. Obviously you know your cat best and practice inside is important so good luck!

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