The Sunday Sharies: Volume 15

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Sunday Scaries (n): The Sunday evening dread that creeps in when anticipating work in the morning.

Shut down Sunday Scaries with this series: Sunday Sharies! These are the articles, links, and content I’ve read this week that I think are worth sharing.


Finance Articles

Is College Still Worth It? Here’s What The Data Says (Four Pillar Freedom)

In essence, the higher incomes associated with a college degree are becoming offset by the sheer amount of debt that students must take on to acquire the degree.

I Killed My Daughter’s Fancy College Dreams. You Should, Too. (Slate)

So my husband and I decided to go ahead and become the villains in a John Hughes movie. One day when Ella was a sophomore, we laid out our financial situation. We told her we’d saved about $40,000 in a 529 to pay for her college. Between that, a part-time job, and some serious scrimping (“You like ramen, right?”), we could probably afford to send her to an in-state university, or maybe a really cut-rate private college with two years of community college first. Art school in New York? Not going to happen.

Our 2019 Finances (Millennial Revolution)

We’re now in our fifth year of retirement, and what I’ve learned is that the longer you travel, the richer you get. Especially if you spend a lot of it in Asia. Thailand now feels more like home than Canada, and we’ve actually had more friends come to visit in Asia than back in Toronto. Go figure!

How I Am Investing To Save The Planet (Triple Bottom Line FI)

While not all of the investments I’ve made through my SDIRA achieve regenerative status, everything is at least “less bad” than what I would have been investing in had I left my money in traditional mutual funds, even the socially responsible ones. 

Miscellaneous Articles

In Praise of Scruffy Hospitality (MNN)

This kitchen and deck won’t be featured in Better Homes and Gardens anytime soon, but maybe they should be. They are two of the most hospitable spaces I know. By opening up their home as-is, Dana and John are the most gracious hosts I know. I almost wrote “by opening up their home with its imperfections,” but that’s not accurate. Their home is perfect — just like it is.

There Is No Cure For Burnout (Ella Dawson)

Then I quit. I wore a bright yellow blazer and walked into that 10:30am meeting with the weird calm of someone about to willingly blow up her life. Once I made the decision to give notice and left that fateful meeting with my manager, I felt elated, almost manic. I spent a week in a fog of giddy delight, combative and hyper and utterly out of fucks. I brought McDonald’s to a meeting. I gloated. I made plans. My therapist warned me that I’d probably experience a rollercoaster of different emotions in the weeks and months to come, and I laughed like a deranged super villain. No shit!!

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  1. The Ella Dawson article really resonated with me. I feel her pain on the burnout. It’s too bad she feels the only fix for burnout is to be rich. I think even a modest amount of F-you money can give a person more ability to act in their own best interest. I hope she finds a way to stop suffering, maybe FI/RE philosophy could help?

    1. I agree, it seems that with burnout comes cynicism, but I agree that a financial cushion is a big factor to feeling like you can make the choices that are the best for you. I think we all eventually find a way out of the tough times, even if it takes longer than we expected. One perk of the FI/RE philosophy is that you have the ability to make choices to step away for your own mental health if needed!

  2. I’d never heard the term “scruffy hospitality.” Love the concept – presenting perfection in our houses is one of the big lifestyle inflation risks. Thanks HGTV!

    1. I love it too, especially coming off of the holidays. The houses I feel most comfortable in are the ones that prescribe to a similar philosophy 🙂

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