June 2018 Expense Report

I like to think I’m good with money and saving, but I know I’m bad at budgeting, which is the #1 rule of finance: know where your money is going! So part of this blog will be to keep track of monthly expenditures. I’m hoping I will find some patterns and areas where I can improve.

I’ve been eyeing this bad boy for two years and finally pulled the trigger

June was a wild month of transitions.

Mr. FM worked in a different city for three weeks. I started a new job. I also underwent a series of unfortunate events that racked up a small amount of health expenses, doctor visits, and consequent feeling-sorry-for-myself splurges on bulbasaur planters and ice cream out.

A note on reading these expense reports: when budgeting, it’s tempting to leave out big-ticket items that only come around every so often. You might be tempted to leave off the road trip because you don’t go on a big vacation every month (or maybe you do, now I’m jealous) so it’d be easy to dismiss those things. I try to buy big ticket items all in one go, such as car insurance this month, and that will be reflected on the month’s report where I paid it instead of splitting it up.

Without further ado, here is the expense report for June!

ItemAmountMechanic Musings
Rent$930This covers everything rent + utilities
Monitor$390This is definitely a guilty line item for me, where my justifications fall a bit flat, since I definitely could have spent more time on Craigslist shopping around. For the past three years as a software developer I have not had a monitor set-up at home, which is pretty insane. I decided to go a bit big on a nice Dell monitor that was on a big sale that will last me years for when I work from home, but enough of me trying to justify myself…
Car Insurance$524I pay a lump sum every six months, so about $87/month in car insurance. This is a problem, because my coverage only cost $408 last year. I should call but I’ve been putting it off since I’ve been planning to sell the car in the coming months anyway.
Groceries$111This item made me realize that monthly budgets might get a bit complicated since I split the bills with Mr. FM, and we don’t settle-up very often. However, I’m pretty sure I’ve covered every grocery trip this month so I halved it for myself.
Chase Sapphire Preferred Dues$95I signed up for this card last year and got over $600 in rewards. This month Mr. FM signed up for it as well so I will be getting a referral and he will also be getting the reward. Will probably cancel the card before the next due payment though, which is once per year
Restaurants$54This is an item I was trying to cut back on, so I created a meal plan and stuck to it. Even so, this totals about 7 meals. The first week of my new job I ate the costs (pun intended) in order to socialize with my new coworkers.   And we went out for ice cream.
Blog$48I created this blog this month in an exercise to write and talk about money! I shopped around a bit but ended up choosing to go straight through WordPress for $4 a month.
Entertainment$92I went with a friend to go see Insomnium, a Finnish melodic death metal band from Finland. The ticket was $27 and I bought a $20 T-shirt (before my clothing ban started!)

Also, I bought myself a planter to sit on my desk at work. It’s a Bulbasaur with a succulent on top.

We went kayaking!

Personal Care$47Because of pinkeye, I had to throw out all of the eye make up I use. While I was at it, some other face products that are now almost a year old were starting to smell moldy so I tossed those too. I’m hoping to keep this line item down.
Fuel$20Haven’t been driving very much, as I’ve been biking and busing to work.



Oof. That seems like a lot for one person. I will start looking into either selling the car or lowering the car insurance rate. I don’t have much to compare the expenses to, so I’m not sure where I’m doing well vs where I could improve, but that’s the point of the post!

Do you see anything that surprised you about these expenses? How much are your monthly expenses?


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  1. So do you and Mr. FM split all shared costs? That is to say, is your rent actually $1,860 and your half is $930? If that is the case I don’t feel as bad with my $5,500 a month expenses in Silicon Valley. When I first read your monthly total of $2,353 as the cost for essentially two people I felt I must be egregiously overspending.

    1. You’ve got it– our rent is $1,860 and the monthly total is only for me. Also we live in Portland, OR so it sounds like you’re killing it in Silicon Valley where prices are even more insane.

  2. My wife and I live out in the country in Georgia and our total monthly expenses are about $2,500. Hoping I can continue to work remotely and at least double my income so we can really hit FI quickly.

    1. Yes, go Bulbasaur planter twins! 🙂 Remote IT job and country living sounds like a good recipe for FI

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