You Are The Chicken And The Egg–  6 Steps to Crack Success

six white eggs and one brown

So, you want to be successful. In a world of clamoring start-ups, tech disruption, and billion dollar innovations, you want to stand out from the rest. Everyone wants the secret sauce. Businesses hire consultants to tease out their target market, massage their mission statement, and hone their strategy. Individuals break open monosyllabic books like Grit, […]

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Confessions of a Frugal Fraud

birkenstocks, sunglasses and a pineapple

I was bent over my desk, studying, when I heard a muffled laugh from my roommate. The shifting glow of her screen lit up her face when I looked over. It was freshman year and we had just moved in, so our friendship was in the early stages: tentative but pleasant. She told me she […]

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December 2018 Expense Report

December Reflections I was home alone for most of December while Mr. Mechanic flew to various residency interviews. This meant a lot of time watching movies he would never want to watch (what do you mean no British Bake Off or The Good Place for a week?!), scarfing down Trader Joe’s Lasagna (family size? Let’s […]

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What’s in Your Financial Toolkit? 5 Savvy Savers Share Their Favorite Tools

In the garage of every financial mechanic tools are carefully arranged across the wall. If someone were to walk by, they would hear the sound of constant tinkering. If they were to peek inside, they might witness ideas sparking across the room. In the center, there would be an intent, mask-wearing mechanic welding their fiscal […]

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